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February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Ottawa | Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2017

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We Are Hiring!


Are you a creative person? Are you interested in joining a growing national team to help protect Canada’s environment, communities and economy?

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is seeking a part-time person to join our national team. We offer great experience, the ability to work from home and an awesome national support team.   

Location: Any place in Canada, rural or urban - can work from home or your office. 

Hours of work:  Flexible hours, part-time, beginning as soon as possible.

Roles and Expectations: One person/company will be selected for:

·         Design and implementation of communication/graphic standards. 

·         Assistance with social media and website development.

·         Design of various educational resources in a variety of media styles, available for print and online.

·         Responsible for preparing promotion resources.

·         Possible translation of various documents and reports.


·         Must be reliable and have a proven track record for delivering quality products on time.

·         Strong preference will be given to candidate that is bilingual.

·         Please submit a cover letter, resume and short portfolio, as well as a minimum of two references.

·         Resume must include your fee structure and availabilty.

·         Contractor to have insurance and meet required safety requirments of their home province.

Who we are: The Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) is a nationally registered non-profit organization that works with key partners across Canada to stop or slow the spread of invasive species in order to reduce the negative environmental, economic and social impacts.  The Canadian Council works with non-governmental organizations and governments to help close pathways of introduction and spread of invasive species to our lands. With a volunteer Board from across Canada, supported by an Executive Director, has a wide number of national campaigns and actions plans that drive their work.

Submit your resume and details to: 

Barry Gibbs, Executive Director

Email: (Only shortlisted candidates will be contacted)

CLOSING DATE: Monday October 15th, 2018

Canadian Council on Invasive Species

250-305-9161 or 403-850-5977