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February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Become a Supporter, Organizational Partner or Contributing Partner

Each Taking Action program is focused on stopping the spread of invasive species through a high risk ‘pathway’ and with a key target audience. 

Each Taking Action Program will seek to identify, confirm and work with:

  • Supporters - individuals who have committed to taking action
  • Organizational Partners, including Chapters - those that have selected to adopt and deliver a Changing Behaviour Program(s)
  • Contributing Partner - those that have committed to support a Changing Behaviour Program through program and/or resources, including financial


By working with Supporters and Partners, the Canadian Council on Invasive Species aims to ensure that each Taking Action program:

  • Demonstrates a steady increase of partner organizations that have adopted and implemented each program across Canada
  • Is financially self sustaining by 2020 including achieving annual revenue targets for sponsors
  • Links to an annual growth in membership in the Canadian Council on Invasive Species
  • Annually Increases the number of local Partners in each region of Canada
  • Relevant to all regions of Canada.


Encouraging a growing the number of individuals is fundamental to a successful behaviour change program. Across Canada, especially within key target groups and youth, the aim is to have responsible individuals gain awareness and personally ‘adopt’ a behaviour change program.  

  • Supporters are individuals who pledge to adopt behaviour change(s)
  • Supporters make a public ‘commitment’ or pledge to take action by signing up and allowing their name (or part of their name i.e. Barry, Claresholm AB). 
  • Supporters serve as role models and encourage others to join
  • Supporters receive a welcome kit 

Organizational Partners 

As a partner you will have the opportunity to pledge your support based on a tiered level of programs to enable you to join or support the program at a level best for your capacity, goals and interests.

a.    Level 1 Partners

  • Partner organization’s logo will be added to CCIS resources, free of charge, for them to distribute at their cost
  • Receive final product in electronic format for them to print or CCIS can print and invoice at cost

b.    Level 2 Partners

  • Partner organization is granted access to Program Graphic Standards to use in creating their own campaign materials.
  • Up to 2 hours of free Graphic Design services are available from CCIS
 Level  Non-Member  CCIS Member  CCIS Chapter
Supporter $40 $30


Partner Level 1 $150 $100

No charge 

Partner Level 2 $400   $325 (discount rate for NGOs)



Contributing Partners 

Contributing partners are critically important to sustaining the Program campaigns.  Contributing partners receive brand visibility and marketing opportunities through a variety of sponsor visibility packages, specific for each Changing Behaviour program.  Each Changing Behaviour Program website will profile the relevant contributing partners.

  • Contributing partners can select to be promoted in one or more of the changing behaviour programs through online, print or social media.
  • Contributing partners can choose to advertise in one or more program’s quarterly newsletter. 
  • Contributing partners can be recognized through the social media campaigns for one or more programs. 
  • Contributing partners may want to take advantage of the opportunity to put their brand on various Program resources.
  • Contributing partners are open to pursuing to customized sponsorship opportunities with the CCIS based on organizational needs and priorities.
Contributing partners Iron  Bronze  Silver  Gold Platinum Patron
  $500 $1000 $2500 $5000 $10,000 $20,000
# of programs sponsored (up to) 1 2 3 4 5 6
Newsletter ads/year   1 2 3 4 4
Social Media ads/year   1 2 4 6 8
Free display table at events     1 1 1 1
# of free registrations to events     1 1 2 4
Recognition on our website Listed Listed Logo Logo and link to website Logo and link to website Logo and link to website
Level 2 partner benefits included     Yes Yes Yes Yes


If interested and would like to discuss further, please contact Kellie!

Canadian Council on Invasive Species

250-305-9161 or 403-850-5977