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February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Buy Local, Burn Local

What is the issue?

Canada has 347 million ha of forest cover that represents nearly 9% of the world’s forests (Natural Resources Canada). Our forests and urban trees provide us with many ecosystem benefits such as capturing rain and storm water runoff, shade, habitat for wildlife and wood products. However, our forests and urban trees are under threat from invasive forest pests such as emerald ash borer and Asian long-horn beetle. Moving firewood from one location to another can inadvertently move forest pests to new areas resulting in destruction for forests and urban trees. These pests will move slowly on their own but can move long distances very quickly through the transportation of firewood. By stopping the long distance spread of firewood by humans, we will be able to continue protect and manage our forests and urban trees.

What Are We Doing?

In order to address this issue, we developed a National Firewood Taking Action Plan with partners from across Canada that will support the decrease in movement of invasive species through improved handling of firewood in Canada. 

The goals of the Action Plan are to:

  • Raise public awareness nationally on the issue of moving firewood through a National Campaign.
  • Work with partners to develop effective educational resources for various target audiences.
  • Implement the Campaign and resources through partnerships to motivate target audiences to change their behaviour and reduce the movement of firewood.

Buy Local, Burn Local - Don't Move Firewood Program

​Most recently, we formed a National Firewood Working Group to help guide the development of the Buy Local, Burn Local program as part of our Firewood Taking Action Plan. To ensure effectiveness of the campaign, we commissoned a Firewood Best Management Practices - Jurisdictional Scan and Analysis​ that will be the foundation for development of best management practices for Canadian firewood producers, a National Firewood Survey and Report to establish a baseline of Canadians knowledge on invasive species and a National Firewood Communications Strategy to guide the campaigns messaging and implementation. Read the reports below.

Firewood Best Management Practices - Jurisdictional Scan and Analysis

National Firewood Survey and Report

National Firewood Communications Strategy

The next steps of the Campaign are to create informative and educational resources that will motivate target audiences to reduce the movement of firewood. These resources will be used and implemented by partners. To learn more about how you can become a partner, click here.

Resource Library 

Below you will find a range of free resources for your use! Click on the links below to download them.

Don't Move Firewood Decal

Don't Move Firewood Rack Card 

Take Action Now

Buy Local – buy firewood at or near your destination to ensure that you are not introducing invasive pests or diseases.
Burn Local – if you accidentally brought any non-local firewood with you, use it first and burn it completely. Its always safest to burn local firewood only.

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