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4th Annual National Invasive Species Forum

February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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National Framework for Horticulture

What is the CCIS National Framework for Horticulture?

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species has developed an action plan for raising awareness and educating the public and related industry about the importance of invasive species. The overarching goal of this framework is to generate a national conversation and to encourage decisions that reduce the impact and introduction of invasive plants. The national framework relies on feedback from regional councils, draws on their experiences in developing and implementing local horticultural programs, but also provides a template or resource hub from which new collaborations, initiatives and partnerships may grow and shared interests and issues may be realized.

Goals and Objectives of the National Horticulture program

From the Horticultural Action Plan (2014-2019):

  • Develop and promote partnerships between national and provincial horticulture/nursery associations, the CCIS and its provincial members
  • Promote branding, information sharing, resource consistency, and standard messaging amongst the provincial horticulture outreach groups.
  • Educate gardeners, garden retailers, nurseries, growers, and the landscape industry to:
    - Understand what invasive plants are, why they’re a problem, and what they can do to prevent their spread;
    - Stop buying and selling invasive plants;
    - Promote the sale and purchase of non-invasive alterative plants;
    - Control or replace invasive plant species; and
    - Dispose of unwanted plants/plant material properly.
  • Develop a national voluntary code of conduct for nurseries and retailers.
  • Recognize the larger national groups participating in the program.

Why PlantWise Gardening is Important

Escaped horticultural plants (including garden, pond and aquarium plants) can have serious impacts on biological diversity in wild habitats, and resource quality in cultivated fields. 

Why PlantWise Gardening is Important »

Horticulture Programs in Canada

As of March 2016, invasive species councils in six provinces and one territory (B.C, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and Yukon) have active horticultural awareness and education programs for invasive species. 

Horticulture Programs in Canada »

Spotlight on Horticulture Programs

The following regions have active or developing horticultural programs. 

Spotlight on Horticulture Programs »

Ornamental and Horticultural Invasive Plants of National Importance

Using available lists of invasive species from each province or territory, the CCIS has compiled a list of the most important and “unwanted” horticultural plants across Canada. The lists are searchable by plant name and by jurisdiction.

Ornamental and Horticultural Invasive Plants of National Importance »

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