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February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Spotlight on Horticulture Programs

The following regions have active or developing horticultural programs: 


British Columbia

  • Be PlantWise website: includes links to a mobile app for plant wise gardening, the current GMI brochure with profiled examples, Be PlantWise commitment (volunteer code of conduct) and ambassador programs, how to report invasive species sightings, and additional resources
  • Webinar Archive: includes past presentations by invasive species specialists that are helpful to understanding horticultural invasive plants, such as: 
    - Be PlantWise: Tools to encourage BC gardeners and businesses to choose non-invasive plants (Nov 2015)
    - Key Aquatic Invasive Plants in the Pacific Northwest and Don’t Let It Loose - Aquarium Invasives on the Move! (Oct 2015)
    - Growing for Diversity: Becoming PlantWise About Horticulturally Invasive Plants in BC (July 2014)


  • Get Involved! Gardening includes information on how gardeners can get involved! and why becoming a Plant Wise gardener is important. This site also includes links to the GMI brochure, the Alberta native plant council, and important information on Alberta regulations for invasive plants.
  • Fact sheets on invasive plants in Alberta, many of which are used in horticulture and are profiled in the GMI guide or are provincially regulated.
  • Note that the current GMI guide focuses on a subset of priority species with the intention that growers also refer to the Alberta regulated species list for a complete listing of all invasive plants that gardeners are advised to not use. 


  • Fact sheets on invasive species in Saskatchewan many of which are included in the GMI brochure and important horticulturally
  • For the local GMI brochure, please contact the Council directly.





  • Je te remplace program including a guide for replacing invasive with non-invasive alternatives, information on best practices, and advice and tools for nursery professionals.
  • Les pires au Québec: resources on the worst invasive species in Quebec, some of which are ornamental plants, and including links to resources and information for home gardeners from Nature-Actions Québec.

Prince Edward Island 

  • Contact the Council for the current list of horticultural species to watch out for. Many of these plants are profiled on fact sheets found on their website.

Canadian Council on Invasive Species

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