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4th Annual National Invasive Species Forum

February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Canadian Council on Invasive Species

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Ottawa | Feb 28 - Mar 2, 2017

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Who We Are

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is an incorporated, non-profit multi-agency organization that works collaboratively across jurisdictional boundaries to support actions and share information that can help reduce the threat and impacts of invasive species.








The Canadian Council on Invasive Species was created as a result of a joint, Canada-wide meeting in 2009, along with a key recommendation from the 2012 National Invasive Species Forum, to build a strong, national and inclusive voice that supports and links the range of provincial and territory invasive species organizations from coast to coast to coast. 

What We Do

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is committed to national education and outreach strategies to help guide invasive species councils and organizations to motivate their audiences to change their behavior and take action against invasive species. Our focus is targeting the pathways in which invasive species spread. Learn more about our more specific Taking Action programs here.

Our Team

The CCIS is currently staffed by two individuals who are dedicated to working collaboratively across Canada and beyond to take action against invasive species.

Barry Gibbs is the Executive Director of the Canadian Council on Invasive Species He has worked with invasive species organizations in a variety of roles, most notably the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia and the Alberta Invasive Species Council.  He resides in Claresholm, Alberta.



Kellie Sherman is the Communications Coordinator of Canadian Council on Invasive Species and has worked in the natural resource sector for over six years, with four of those years working in the invasive species sector. Kellie lives in Peterborough, Ontario.


Board of Directors

The CCIS Board is made up of four chambers including governments, chapters, industry/organizations and indigenous groups. The goal of our Board is to maintain a smaller, effective board while maintaining diversity and geographical representation.

Gail Wallin, Chair
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Paula Noel, Secretary
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Chet Neufeld, Treasurer 
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Delinda Ryerson, Executive Director, Alberta Invasive Species Council

Delinda has a B.Sc. from the University of Alberta and more than two decades of experience in fisheries and wildlife-related research and management in Alberta. Driven by her love of nature, she is a conservation biologist and fervent advocate of scientifically-informed land and wildlife management.


Andrea Altherr

Andrea Altherr works for the Yukon Invasive Species Council, a non-profit organization, since 2008 and manages the council's projects and every day operation.



Rebecca Lee, Executive Director, Canadian Horticultural Council

Rebecca joined the Canadian Horticultural Council (CHC) in August 2016 as Executive Director. Prior to that, she spent six years as Technical Director of the North American Plant Protection Organization (NAPPO), where she also served as Acting Executive Director. During her time with NAPPO, she worked very closely with government, research and industry representatives from Canada, Mexico and the U.S. Her previous positions include Executive Director of the Colombian Centre for Innovation in Floriculture and coordinator for on-farm research at the University of Bogota, in Colombia.


Steve Gordon, Manager, Biodiversity Conservation Section, New Brunswick

Steve is manager of the Biodiversity Conservation Section with the New Brunswick Dept. of Energy and Resource Development in Fredericton.  The sections responsibilities include: biodiversity, wildlife habitat, protected natural area and species at risk conservation.  Steve holds a BSc. in Forestry (UNB’85) and has been with the Department since 1988.



Suzanne Carriere

Suzanne   holds  the  Wildlife  Biologist  (Biodiversity)  position  for  the  Wildlife  Division  in  Yellowknife.    Suzanne  is  the  Departmental  authority   on   biodiversity   planning,   research,   monitoring   and   management,  and  is  responsible  for  providing  overall  direction  on  biodiversity  programs  in  the  NWT.     


Beth Hoar, Parkland Conservationist, City of Charlottetown

Beth is a biologist and Certified Arborist with the City of Charlottetown.  She manages the City’s urban forestry program, is a long time member of the PEI Invasive Species Council and is a professional nature photographer.   

Helene Godmaire
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Francine MacDonald
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Wendy Asbil
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Julie Pelc
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Partners and Sponsors

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species would not be successful without the generous support from our partners and sponsors.

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Action Plans

​The Canadian Council on Invasive Species has developed Action Plans that will help guide and inform steps moving forward to address the spread of invasive species from key pathways.

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Canadian Council on Invasive Species

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