Attend Canada’s 1st National Phragmites Conference:

January 20th, 2022 from 11am – 4pm Eastern Standard Time

This virtual event will provide a snapshot on the state and spread of “Canada’s worst invasive plant”, Phragmites australis (AKA European Common Reed), and it’s impacts on species at risk, habitats, communities and infrastructure across Canada in the face of a changing climate.

Features of this event include:

  • Sharing information on national and regional approaches
  • A range of topics including new research, success stories, prevention and response
  • Networking with people across provinces and territories

The National Phragmites Conference is hosted by the Canadian Council on Invasive Species in partnership with the Ontario Invasive Plant Council and the Ontario Phragmites Working Group.

Check “News and Events” for future updates and registration for this event. 

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