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Handheld Boot Brush - Bilingual Messaging

Handheld boot brushes are convenient tools that can be kept in your car door, backpack, golf bag, etc. They promote users to prevent the spread of invasive species by brushing off the mud and plant parts on their footwear and gear before heading home or to their next adventure.

CCIS’s popular handheld boot brushes are back in stock featuring new, bilingual Play Clean Go messaging, “Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks” and directing users to “PlayCleanGo.ca” where they can learn more and take the Play Clean Go pledge.

Cost:  $4.50/brush + GST + Shipping from BC.

To order, contact Gabby at programs@canadainvasives.ca 

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National Invasive Species Playing Cards

With partners from across Canada, we have developed a bilingual National Invasive Species Playing Cards resource featuring facts and distribution information for 50 invasive plants, animals and diseases present and threatening Canada. The two joker cards feature behaviour change messaging including, “Play Clean Go”, “Clean Drain Dry”, “Buy Local Burn Local” and “Be Plant Wise”. Additionally, each card asks the user to report invasive species!

Cost:  $6.00/deck + GST + Shipping from BC

Please email programs@canadainvasives.ca if you’re interested in placing an order.

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