“Squeal on Pigs!” is an awareness and reporting program which aims to track the distribution of invasive wild pigs, manage their spread, and support management efforts in Canada.


Impacts of Wild Pigs

Invasive wild pigs are considered an issue in Canada because they can cause significant ecological and economic damage.

  • Ecological Impacts:  When wild pigs are introduced into a new ecosystem, they can reproduce rapidly and outcompete native species for resources such as food and water. They’re rooting and wallowing behaviours can be destructive to landscapes and aquatic ecosystems, by disturbing sediments and destroying the habitats of fish and other aquatic species. This can lead to a decline in biodiversity and even the extinction of some native species.
  • Economic Impacts:  Wild pigs also threaten the agricultural industry with their potential to spread disease to livestock and their destructive impact on agricultural crops and infrastructure including fences and water systems. Wild pigs can carry diseases that can be transmitted to livestock and humans.
  • Human Safety Impacts:  In addition, wild pigs can be a danger to human safety; as they can be aggressive and territorial and have the potential to carry diseases that can be transmitted to humans.

Overall, the presence of invasive wild pigs in Canada poses a threat to the environment, agriculture, and human well-being, which is why efforts are being made to control and eradicate their populations.

Invasive Species Profile Learn more about invasive wild pigs in Canada.
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Take Action

The “Squeal On Pigs!” program works to increase awareness of invasive wild pigs impacts and asks people in Canada to take action to prevent their spread, specifically by reporting sightings.

There are several actions that people can take to prevent the spread of invasive wild pigs in Canada, including:

1. Reporting sightings: If you spot a wild pig or evidence of their presence (such as tracks or rooting), report it to your local wildlife authorities. This can help them track the spread of wild pig populations and develop management strategies.

2. Avoiding the release of captive wild pigs: Some people keep wild pigs as pets or for hunting purposes, but if these animals escape or are released into the wild, they can become invasive. It’s important to prevent the release of captive wild pigs and to properly secure them to prevent escape.

3. Do not sport hunt: Hunting is not considered an effective control method for wild pigs, and can exacerbates the issue. Wild pigs are smart and learn to evade future hunting efforts by dispersing, changing movement patterns, and becoming nocturnal.  If you are a hunter, make sure to follow all hunting regulations. If hunting does occur, make sure to properly dispose of carcasses to prevent the spread of disease.

4. Cleaning equipment: If you work or play in areas where wild pigs are present, make sure to clean and disinfect your equipment and clothing before moving to a new area. This can help prevent the spread of pig-borne diseases and the inadvertent transport of pig populations to new areas.

5. Supporting management efforts: Wildlife authorities and conservation organizations are working to manage and control wild pig populations in Canada. You can support these efforts by increasing awareness on wild pigs within your community.

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Reporting is an essential part to understanding the distribution of invasive wild pigs in Canada and mitigating their impacts. Find reporting resources for your province/territory in the links below.

Click above for identification and other resources from the Canadian Wildlife Health Cooperative.
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