As you may know, the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) hosted our first successful National Invasive Species Awareness Week (NISAW), in May 2020, which featured a series of webinars and social media resources promoting Canadians to stop the spread of invasive species. This year, the CCIS is excited to announce we will be participating in TWO invasive species weeks in 2021!  The National Invasive Species Awareness Weeks (NISAWs) will take place in February and May. The objective of these weeks are to raise awareness of the invasive species issue among community members and stakeholders, share important information with partners to assist them with their invasive species work, as well as to encourage citizens to take action to prevent the spread of invasive species in Canada.

In February, NISAW will focus on information sharing and will be held February 22-26. We are excited to announce the five free webinars CCIS will be hosting, one each day at 1 pm EST throughout the week. See below for details on webinar topics, speakers and registration information! Click HERE to register.

The second NISAW will take place the week of May 17th and will focus on promoting partners and community members to “Take Action” through specific steps that stop the spread of invasive species. Stay tuned for resources and toolkits we will be sharing with our partners later in the winter/early spring!

Be sure to like, share and retweet our webinars and any other content created by CCIS and other participating organizations using: #NISAW #invasivespecies #ISAWCheck out our YouTube Channel to access last years NISAW webinars!

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