What is PlayCleanGo?

PlayCleanGo started as a Minnesota State, education initiative to stop the spread of invasive species in parks and natural areas.

The goal is to encourage outdoor recreation while protecting valuable natural resources. The objective is to slow or stop the spread of terrestrial invasive species (those that occur on land) through changes in public behaviour.

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species entered into an agreement with Minnesota in late 2016 that enabled Canadian Council on Invasive Species to adapt and implement PlayCleanGo: Stop Invasive Species in Your Tracks, as a national branded program across Canada.

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PlayCleanGo Week - June 5-12, 2021

PlayCleanGo Week is meant to encourage action geared towards preventing the spread of terrestrial invasive species through recreational pathways (ex. hiking, camping, horseback riding, biking, ATV use, etc.) across Canada. This awareness campaign takes place between June 5 – 12, 2021, in alignment with PlayCleanGo Week hosted by our partner, the North American Invasive Species Management Association (NAISMA).

To launch this awareness campaign, we are focused on working with partners across Canada to share messaging and resources through social media. To support and guide organizations and individuals wishing to participate in PlayCleanGo Week, the CCIS has developed a FREE downloadable Infographics and a Partner Toolkit (see below)!  The toolkit contains a content schedule, linked resources and pre-made post text for groups to use and follow if they choose.

Whether you use the free resources below or create your own social content, we encourage you to use the following hashtags throughout the week: #PlayCleanGoWeek #Invasivespecies. Thank you for helping Canadians to take action on invasive species!

Note: To save the free infographics to your computer, click the infographic, then right click “save image as” to save to your files as a jpeg. Or email Gabby at programs@canadainvasives.ca to be sent a zip file of all infographics.

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Take the Pledge!

Invasive species can cause damage to the economy, the environment, and to human health, but each person can make a difference in preventing new invasions and stopping the spread of existing ones!

People across North America are joining together to protect the places we love by taking the PlayCleanGo Pledge. When you take the Pledge, you agree to:

  • REMOVE plants, insects, and mud from your boots, gear, and pets.
  • CHECK your tires on bikes and ATVs and remove any plant parts before moving to a new area.
  • CLEAN your gear before entering and leaving a recreation site.
  • STAY on designated roads and trails.
  • LEARN to identify common invasive species and report them.

Fill out the form below to take the Pledge!

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Become a PlayCleanGo Partner

What if every outdoor enthusiast were provided with the tools to Stop Invasive Species in their Tracks? Could we stop them? We think so. We have 550+ partner organizations already, representing thousands of individuals who believe we can do it too.

Join forces with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses across North America. Become a PlayCleanGo partner now!

Each partnership opportunity provides a variety of benefits to support shared goals at the level that feels right for you. The available PlayCleanGo benefits are listed when you choose the partner type that is right for you.


Encouraging a growing the number of individuals is fundamental to a successful behaviour change program. Across Canada, especially within key target groups and youth, the aim is to have responsible individuals gain awareness and personally ‘adopt’ a behaviour change program.  Supporters are individuals who pledge to adopt PlayCleanGo. Supporters serve as role models and encourage others to join.

Organizational Partners

Organizational partners are critically important to sustaining PlayCleanGo and spreading its message and resources. As an organizational partner, you will receive various benefits, while contributing to the strength and sustainability of the program.

*Discount available for non-profit organizations
Supporter $40 Supporter (CCIS Member) $30 Organizational Partner Lvl 1 $150 Organizational Partner Lvl 1 (CCIS Member) $100 Organizational Partner Lvl 2 $400 Organizational Partner Lvl 2 (CCIS Member) $325
Name listed on website
Logo added to the website
Featured in CCIS E-bulletin
Welcome Kit
Three resources with logo added, for you to distribute and receive final product in electronic form
Graphic Standards
Access to print files
2 hours free graphic design services

Contributing Partners

Contributing partners are critically important to sustaining all of our programs. Contributing partners receive brand visibility and marketing opportunities through a variety of sponsor visibility packages, specific for each program. Each program website will profile the relevant contributing partners.

  • Contributing partners can select to be promoted in one or more of the changing behaviour programs through online, print or social media.
  • Contributing partners can choose to advertise in one or more program’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Contributing partners can be recognized through the social media campaigns for one or more programs.
  • Contributing partners may want to take advantage of the opportunity to put their brand on various Program resources.
  • Contributing partners are open to pursuing to customized sponsorship opportunities with the CCIS based on organizational needs and priorities.

Complete the form below to join now

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Resource Library

Play Clean Go Resource Library

The resources below are free for you to download and print as is. If you require changes to them, for example, the addition of your logo, you are required to join as a partner as described above.

The image below is of the boot brushes we have available for purchase. Boot brushes are $3.00/piece plus GST.


Play Clean Go Week - Partner Toolkit
Boot Brush Sign - Generic
Boot Brush Sign - Bilingual
Boot Brush Sign - Stomp Out Invasives - Bilingual
Factsheet Template
Poster 11x17
Poster 8.5 x 11
Poster - Dog-strangling Vine
Poster - EAB
Sticker - Dog-strangling Vine
Sticker - EAB
Boot Brush - SOLD OUT
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New! Invasive Species On Our Landscapes Youth Activity Book

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) is proud to have partnered with the Invasive Species Council of British Columbia, a CCIS Chapter, to create two activity books launched in the Fall of 2021, to engage and educate youth on preventing the spread of invasive species in their community’s.

These activity books promote actions related to preventing invasive species on landscapes and in waterways, and are the most recent resource additions to the CCIS’s PlayCleanGo and Clean Drain Dry take action campaigns, respectively. This project was supported by TD Friends of the Environment Foundation.

Both activity books are FREE to download and can be printed at home. Find below the link to our PlayCleanGo focused book. Our other book can be found on the Clean Drain Dry section of our website or in our Invasive Species Resources Page.

If you require a higher resolution digital copy, please email programs@canadainvasives.ca 

Youth Activity Book Invasive Species On Our Landscapes
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