Join other outdoor enthusiasts in Canada protecting the places we love by practicing the simple steps of PlayCleanGo.


Notice:  Play Clean Go Week is June 4-11. 
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PlayCleanGo Steps

Invasive species can cause damage to the economy, the environment, and to human health, but each person can make a difference in preventing new invasions and stopping the spread of existing ones! While you explore Canada’s great outdoors. Follow these best practices/steps to protect natural habitats and biodiversity by stopping the spread of invasive species.

  1. REMOVE plants, insects, and mud from your boots, gear, and pets.
  2. CHECK your tires on bikes and ATVs and remove any plant parts before moving to a new area.
  3. CLEAN your gear before entering and leaving a recreation site.
  4. STAY on designated roads and trails.
  5. LEARN to identify common invasive species and report them.

Practice these steps wherever you go – hiking, biking, using an all terrain vehicle, camping, walking your dog, horseback riding, field work, etc.

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Take the Pledge!

Do you want to be a part of protecting Canada’s outdoor spaces? It’s never too late to start taking the PlayCleanGo steps that protect our landscapes, every act helps!

Join 100’s of others across North America who have pledged to protect the places we love. Committing to action is a tool used to help people build habits and commit to changes in their behaviour. When you pledge to always take the PlayCleanGo steps when enjoying the outdoors, you have a greater chance of adhering to your commitment during your next and future outdoor adventures!

Complete the pledge form below and your name will be added to list of other individuals preventing the spread across Canada.

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PlayCleanGo Tools

Become a Program Partner Gain access to nationally recognized branding and partner resources to implement locally.
Report Invasive Species Support early detection and response in your community by reporting sightings.
Subscribe to our E-newsletter Receive updates on invasive species news, events, programs, and resources quarterly.
Access Free Youth Resources Visit our resources page for more details.
Purchase Boot Brushes Visit our store to order and learn more.
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Resource Library

The resources below are a sample of the resources available to program partners who help implement PlayCleanGo messaging and resources including boot brush stations, trail signage, stickers, and more. All resources are available in English, French, and/or with bilingual wording.

Visit our “Become a Partner” page to learn more!
Boot Brush Sign - Generic
Boot Brush Sign - Bilingual
Boot Brush Sign - Stomp Out Invasives - Bilingual
Factsheet Template
Poster 11x17
Poster 8.5 x 11
Poster - Dog-strangling Vine
Poster - EAB
Sticker - Dog-strangling Vine
Sticker - EAB
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