What if every individual were provided the tools to stop the spread of invasive species? Could we stop them? We think so.


Why Become a Partner?

Join forces with like-minded organizations and businesses across North America.

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) works with partners across Canada to implement a variety of take action programs which help to prevent the spread of invasive species across Canada by targeting pathways of spread. The CCIS’s 5 take action partnership programs have been developed using behaviour change principles and offer partnership opportunities and benefits, including program resource access and partner recognition, to support and align with your organization’s goals.

See a list of our current partners.

The take action programs and their targeted pathways are described below. Click the program to learn more.

Play Clean Go Encourages outdoor recreationalists to slow or stop the spread of terrestrial invasive species through changes behaviour to protect our natural resources.
Clean Drain Dry A call to action that empowers recreational users of aquatic resources to help stop the spread of harmful aquatic invasive species through changes in behaviour.
Buy Local Burn Local Engages firewood producers, retailers, campgrounds and outdoor recreationalists to prevent the spread of invasive forest pests through safe firewood practices.
Don't Let it Loose Engages the pet, pond, aquarium, hunting and angling community, including industry, to stop the accidental and intentional release of plants, animals, and diseases.
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What We Offer


*Discount available for CCIS members and non-profit organizations
Supporter $40 Partner Level 1 $150 Partner Level 2 $400
Organization name listed on CCIS’s ‘Partners’ webpage
Organization logo and link featured on CCIS’s ‘Partners’ webpage
Organization featured as a partner in CCIS’s quarterly e-newsletter
3 resources with partner’s logo added, provided in digital format
Use of program logo for marketing, communications and education
Access to Partner Library with all resource graphic and print files (access for up to 6 staff)
Complimentary customization of new or existing resource(s) (includes 2 hours of graphic design)

Questions? Contact programs@canadainvasives.ca

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*Multiple Program Partnerships

We currently offer partnerships for 4 of our national take action programs, including Clean Drain Dry, Buy Local Burn Local, Play Clean Go, and Don’t Let it Loose. Organizations interested in becoming partners for multiple programs will receive a discounted partnership rate. Please contact our Programs Coordinator at programs@canadainvasives.ca to learn more.

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