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We pledge to address the devastating effects that invasive species have on ecosystems, the economy and, by extension, the health of Canadians. It is our mission to generate awareness and engagement on invasive species in Canada. As a charitable organization, we rely on your support, so that together we can take a stand against invasive species. Together, we can stop the spread of invasive species.

All donations will receive a charitable tax receipt.

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Take-Action Programs 

Our national take-action programs make a significant impact by targeting specific activities and behaviours to stop the spread of invasive species in Canada.  

Buy Local, Burn Local  

Moving firewood transports tree-killing insects and diseases to new areas resulting in destruction for forests and urban trees. These pests will move slowly on their own but can move long distances very quickly through the transportation of firewood.  

Clean Drain Dry  

Aquatic invasive plants, animals, and diseases can spread through water-based recreation when they cling to our watercraft and gear. These species spread alarmingly fast and threaten Canada’s waterways including recreational areas, aquatic habitat and species, and drinking water and drainage infrastructure we rely on.  

Don’t Let It Loose 

Some of Canada’s most harmful invasive species come from the improper disposal or release of plants and animals into our landscapes and waters. Released plants and animals can spread disease, outcompete native species for food and space, and degrade ecosystems and habitat when released into the wild. 

Plant Wise 

Escaped horticultural plants, such as those found in gardens, ponds, and aquariums, can cause significant harm to biodiversity in natural habitats and affect the quality of resources in cultivated fields. It is important to identify invasive plants and avoid purchasing or planting them in your garden. Our Grow Me Instead guides provide valuable support to gardeners and the industry, helping to minimize the spread of invasive plants and protect our ecosystems.

Play Clean Go 

The goal of Play Clean Go is to show outdoor enthusiasts how to stop spreading invasive plants and pests — while enjoying the great outdoors.  


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Research & Reporting


We are actively building a library of fact sheets, research, and technical reports to guide and inform, making us the hub for invasive species information in Canada.  

Reporting Tools  

We encourage Canadians to report invasive species through the CCIS Report Page.   

Reporting invasive species supports early detection and rapid response, which are key to preventing the spread of invasive species, by increasing the likelihood that localized invasive populations can be found, contained and eradicated before they become widely established. It can slow the spread and avoid the need for expensive, long-term control efforts.  

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