Upcoming Invasive Species Events

Upcoming Invasive Species Events Find a list of upcoming national and international invasive species-related events:   33rd Pacific North West Economic Region (PNWER) Annual Summit- Feral Swine Summit Whistler, British Columbia | July 22, 2024   NEOBIOTA 13th Annual International Conference on Biological Invasions Lisbon, Portugal | September 3-6, 2024   NAISMA Annual Conference 2024… Read More

Update: National Invasive Species and Climate Change (NISCC) Network

2022: Where it all Began Climate change is challenging how we consider invasive species in Canada as novel non-native species become invasive and native species shift their ranges north into new ecosystems. They also interact to produce synergistic effects that are worse than their independent impacts: climate change can make ecosystems more vulnerable to invasive… Read More

Call for Presentation Proposals: Wildfires, Climate Change and Invasive Species

CALL FOR PRESENTATIONS (PDF-Shareable) The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is seeking presentations! This 1-day virtual conference will bring together government, industry, academia and Indigenous leaders from across Canada and the United States to explore the interplay between climate change, wildfires and invasive species. During the conference, participants will discuss the risks posed by Climate… Read More

Play Clean Go Week: June 1-8, 2024

Save the Date: Play Clean Go Week is almost here! “Play Clean Go Week” is an annual event held in June and promoted across North America, with partners in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Play Clean Go Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of preventing the spread of invasive species while enjoying outdoor recreational… Read More

Save the Date: Wildfires, Climate Change & Invasive Species Conference

“Wildfires, Climate Change & Invasive Species” National Conference held virtually November 19, 2024 CALL FOR PROPOSALS (PDF) Event Description “Wildfires, Climate Change, and Invasive Species” is more than a conference; it’s a journey towards safeguarding our forests and biodiversity from the triple threat of wildfires, climate change and biodiversity. Our carefully curated program brings together… Read More

International Invasive Species and Climate Change Conference (IISCCC) – January 30-31

International Invasive Species and Climate Change Conference (IISCCC) Please join us for the INAUGURAL International Invasive Species and Climate Change Conference (IISCCC) on January 30 and 31, 2024.  Registration is free but please sign up as soon as possible as we expect very large attendance: International Invasive Species and Climate Change Conference – NAISMA *Note:… Read More

Job Opportunity: Council Supervisor

Canadian Council on Invasive Species/Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council Location: This position is remote from anywhere in Nova Scotia, with occasional travel within the province Duration: Full-time; Permanent Hours: 37.5/week Salary: $53,000-$58,000 Start Date: The start date for this position is flexible, with a preference for the beginning of January 2024. About Us The Nova… Read More

Reporting priority invasive and migratory insects

Do you spend time monitoring, photographing or observing insects? If so, your help is needed to watch for and report invasive and migratory insect pests that harm plants, causing damage to Canada’s environment, farm lands, forests, parks and other natural areas. Early detection is critical for slowing the spread of these insect pests. View the… Read More

Event: Transboundary Feral Swine Summit

Wild pig

Join the Transboundary Feral Swine Summit @ the PNWER Annual Summit July 18-19, 2023 The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is one of the co-chair of the Transboundary Feral Swine Working Group which in partnership with  the PNWER Invasive Species, the Cross-Border Livestock Health Working Groups, and USDA APHIS are organizing the sessions. The sessions… Read More

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