“Wildfires, Climate Change & Invasive Species”

National Conference held virtually November 19, 2024


Event Description

“Wildfires, Climate Change, and Invasive Species” is more than a conference; it’s a journey towards safeguarding our forests and biodiversity from the triple threat of wildfires, climate change and biodiversity. Our carefully curated program brings together leading experts, innovators, and professionals from all corners of the wildfire and invasive species landscape. This event will:

  • Bring together partners with diverse perspectives to explore the topic and their roles in finding solutions
  • Provide an opportunity to educate, increase awareness and share knowledge in an effort to develop prevention strategies and solutions
  • Forge meaningful connections across sectors and borders

Agenda and event registration details coming soon!

Call for Proposals

CCIS is seeking presentation proposals for our upcoming Wildfires, Climate Change and Invasive Species virtual conference! We are looking for presentations from managers, researchers and experts who can contribute towards a deeper understanding of a variety of topics, including but not limited to:

  • The role of climate change and/or invasive species in exacerbating wildfire frequency and intensity.
  • Impacts of wildfires on ecosystems, biodiversity, and ecosystem services.
  • Interactions between wildfires and invasive species: role of wildfires on the spread of invasive species.
  • Innovative approaches for predicting and mitigating wildfire risk in a changing climate.
  • Wildfire management as a potential vector of invasive species spread.
  • Community engagement in wildfire and invasive species management.
  • Post-fire restoration and invasive species prevention/management practices.
  • Indigenous perspectives and leadership in fire management.
  • Policy as a tool for mitigating impacts of biological invasions and wildfires.

We are now accepting presentation proposals; the deadline to submit proposals is August 1stFind out more information and how to submit presentation proposals in ‘Call for proposals’ PDF: 


Invitation to Partner

As a partner, you’ll align your brand with a conference that speaks to the heart of a crucial cause. With participation from municipal and federal agencies, NGOs, private industry, and the forestry sector, this conference guarantees exposure to a wide and audience. Through your sponsorship, your organization will be position as a leader dedicated to mitigating the impacts of wildfires, climate change and invasive species to protect Canada’s landscapes and communities.

Partnership Benefits:
  • Brand exposure to a diverse and passionate audience through the Canadian Council on Invasive Species’ event communications
  • Recognition of your organization as a supportive leader working to protect Canada’s forests, biodiversity and communities
  • Networking opportunities to connect with professionals and decision-makers across various sectors, fostering opportunities for growth and collaboration

Questions about becoming an event partner or otherwise? Contact: programs@canadainvasives.ca

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