We depend on a strong membership base to raise awareness and support action on invasive species issues to protect Canada and people living in Canada.


Voting privilege’s shall be available to those who have applied and have been approved as CCIS members including:

  1. Individuals with a stated interest in protecting Canada and people living in Canada from the impacts of invasive species. Individual members must reside in Canada and must be 18 years or older. 
  2. Organizations: Including businesses, non-government organizations, and government agencies with a stated interest in protecting Canada and people living in Canada from the impacts of invasive species. Organizations must “do business” in Canada.
  3. If you are unable to join us as a member at this time, follow us on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram, and/or subscribe to our e-newsletter. 
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Membership Fee

  1. An annual Membership Fee will be implemented and will expire as of December 31st of each year.
  2. Any membership applications received after August 30th, will receive the initial year at 50% of the standard annual fee.
*Membership rates will be reviewed and approved annually by the CCIS Board, with input from the Executive Director
Membership Type 1 Year 5 Year
Businesses, registered non-government organizations, government agencies $250 $1000
Non-profit organization $125 $500
Individual $30 $120

Membership benefits for those in good standing:

  • Subscription to our quarterly e-newsletter
  • Regular updates and bulletins about invasive species events, resources and initiatives
  • Discounted registration fees at CCIS-sponsored events
  • Discounts on resources pertaining to CCIS programs, where appropriate
  • Voting privileges at all meetings of Members including our Annual General Meeting.
  • Chapters, business and non-governmental organizations, indigenous and government members have an opportunity to stand for election as a Director for the Board
  • And most importantly, a voice!

Note: All membership applications undergo an approval process. Applicants will be notified on the approval status of their membership within 2 months from their membership submission. Membership benefits will initiate after the membership is accepted.

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