What is the Issue with Moving Firewood?

Canada has 347 million ha of forest cover that represents nearly 9% of the world’s forests (Natural Resources Canada). Our forests and urban trees provide us with many ecosystem benefits such as capturing rain and storm water runoff, shade, habitat for wildlife and wood products. However, our forests and urban trees are under threat from invasive forest pests such as emerald ash borer and Asian long-horn beetle. Moving firewood from one location to another can inadvertently move forest pests to new areas resulting in destruction for forests and urban trees. These pests will move slowly on their own but can move long distances very quickly through the transportation of firewood. By stopping the long distance spread of firewood by humans, we will be able to continue protect and manage our forests and urban trees.

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What is Buy Local, Burn Local?

Guided by our National Firewood Working Group, and based on work by the Canada Food Inspection Agency, Buy Local, Burn Local is a campaign focused on helping firewood producers, retailers and campgrounds to prevent the spread of invasive forest pests through safe firewood practices. We have developed a number of resources available for download and print, distribution, as well as available for you to adapt to suit your need.

Visit the Resource Library to find these resources

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Take the Pledge!

Moving firewood transports tree-killing insects and diseases. Help protect our trees and forests.

When you take the Buy Local, Burn Local Pledge, you agree to:

  • Buy firewood at or near where you will use it. Leave any unused firewood on site.
  • If you brought any non-local firewood with you, use first and burn completely. Next time only use local firewood.

Fill out the form below to take the Pledge!

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Become a Buy Local, Burn Local Partner

Join forces with like-minded individuals, organizations, and businesses Canada. Become a partner now!

Each partnership opportunity provides a variety of benefits to support shared goals at the level that feels right for you. The available benefits are listed when you choose the partner type that is right for you.

See current Buy Local Burn Local partners.


Encouraging a growing the number of individuals is fundamental to a successful behaviour change program. Across Canada, especially within key target groups and youth, the aim is to have responsible individuals gain awareness and personally ‘adopt’ a behaviour change program.  Supporters are individuals who pledge to adopt Buy Local, Burn Local. Supporters serve as role models and encourage others to join.

Organizational Partners

Organizational partners are critically important to sustaining Buy Local, Burn Local and spreading its message and resources. As an organizational partner, you will receive various benefits, while contributing to the strength and sustainability of the program.

Multiple Program Partnerships

We currently offer partnerships for 4 of our national take action programs, including Clean Drain Dry, Buy Local Burn Local, Play Clean Go, and Don’t Let it Loose. Organizations interested in becoming partners for multiple programs will receive a discounted partnership rate. Please contact our Programs Coordinator at programs@canadainvasives.ca to learn more.

*Discount available for non-profit organizations
Supporter $40 Supporter (CCIS Member) $30 Organizational Partner Lvl 1 $150 Organizational Partner Lvl 1 (CCIS Member) $100 Organizational Partner Lvl 2 $400 Organizational Partner Lvl 2 (CCIS Member) $325
Organization name listed on CCIS’s ‘Partners’ webpage
Organization logo and link featured on CCIS’s ‘Partners’ webpage
Organization featured as a partner in CCIS’s quarterly e-newsletter
Free welcome swag
3 resources with partner’s logo added, provided in digital format
Use of program logo for marketing, communications and education
Access to Partner Library with all resource graphic and print files (access for up to 6 staff)
Complimentary customization of new or existing resource(s) (2 hours of graphic design)

Contributing Partners

Contributing partners are critically important to sustaining all of our programs. Contributing partners receive brand visibility and marketing opportunities through a variety of sponsor visibility packages, specific for each program. Each program website will profile the relevant contributing partners.

  • Contributing partners can select to be promoted in one or more of the changing behaviour programs through online, print or social media.
  • Contributing partners can choose to advertise in one or more program’s quarterly newsletter.
  • Contributing partners can be recognized through the social media campaigns for one or more programs.
  • Contributing partners may want to take advantage of the opportunity to put their brand on various Program resources.
  • Contributing partners are open to pursuing to customized sponsorship opportunities with the CCIS based on organizational needs and priorities.

Complete the form below to join now

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Resource Library

The resources below are free for download, print and use.

If you would like print copies of the activity and colouring book or educators guide as they are, we have copies available for a small fee, plus shipping and handling.

If you wish to adapt the resources, please join as a partner as described above.

For additional questions or concerns, please contact us HERE.

Poster showing impacts
Poster for Campsites
Invasive Species in our Forests: A Guide for Educators
Program Decal
Invasive Species in our Forests: Activity and Colouring Book
Best Practices for Campground Owners
Best Practices for Firewood Producers
Best Practices for Firewood Retailors
Firewood Month Social Media Infographic
Firewood Jurisdictional Scan and Analysis
Firewood Poster (8"x11")
Firewood Rack Card
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