Save the Date: Play Clean Go Week is almost here!

“Play Clean Go Week” is an annual event held in June and promoted across North America, with partners in Canada, the US, and Mexico. Play Clean Go Week aims to raise awareness about the importance of preventing the spread of invasive species while enjoying outdoor recreational activities.

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During the week, the organization encourages individuals and groups to take action to prevent the spread of invasive species by following five simple Play Clean Go steps:

  1. REMOVE plants, insects, and mud from your boots, gear, and pets.
  2. CHECK your tires on bikes and ATVs and remove any plant parts before moving to a new area.
  3. CLEAN your gear before entering and leaving a recreation site.
  4. STAY on designated roads and trails.
  5. LEARN to identify common invasive species and report them.

These steps involve cleaning gear and equipment of any dirt, seeds, or other debris that may be carrying invasive species, inspecting gear and equipment for any signs of invasive species, and drying gear and equipment before using it again to ensure any potential invasive species are not spread to new areas.

How to Participate:

Play Clean Go Week takes place from June 1-8, 2024. Organizations and individuals can participate by helping to raise awareness about the importance of preventing the spread of invasive species and to encourage individuals and organizations to take action to protect the environment. Organizations can raise awareness by promoting Play Clean Go week at events and on social media by creating content and liking, sharing content created by other groups using #playcleango and #playcleangoweek.

Here are some examples of steps different audiences can take to PlayCleanGo:

  1. Hikers and campers can inspect and clean their boots and gear of any dirt, seeds, egg masses, or debris that may be carrying invasive species before entering or leaving a trail or campsite.
  2. ATV users, horseback riders, dog-walkers can clean their equipment, gear, clothes and animals of plant parts and mud before leaving the trail.
  3. Gardeners can clean off their gardening tools and shoes after gardening, to prevent spreading invasives to new areas of their garden.
  4. Outdoor enthusiasts can participate in educational events or volunteer opportunities to learn more about invasive species and how to prevent their spread, including how to report sightings.
  5. Individuals and organizations can share information and resources about invasive species prevention through social media, newsletters, or other communication channels.

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