The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is seeking presentations!

This 1-day virtual conference will bring together government, industry, academia and Indigenous leaders from across Canada and the United States to explore the interplay between climate change, wildfires and invasive species. During the conference, participants will discuss the risks posed by Climate Change x Invasive Species, identify prevention strategies, discover groundbreaking solutions, and forge meaningful connections.

We are seeking presentation proposals from managers, experts and researchers with diverse perspectives. Presentations will contribute towards our understanding of the synergies between climate change and invasive species and explore solutions to the changing landscape of fire management.

Topics for presentations include (but are not limited to):

  • The role of climate change and/or invasive species in exacerbating wildfire frequency and intensity.
  • Impacts of wildfires on ecosystems, biodiversity, and ecosystem services.
  • Interactions between wildfires and invasive species: role of wildfires on the spread of invasive species.
  • Innovative approaches for predicting and mitigating wildfire risk in a changing climate.
  • Wildfire management as a potential vector of invasive species spread.
  • Community engagement in wildfire and invasive species management.
  • Post-fire restoration and invasive species prevention/management practices.
  • Indigenous perspectives and leadership in fire management.
  • Policy as a tool for mitigating impacts of biological invasions and wildfires.

We are now accepting presentation proposals; the deadline to submit proposals is August 1st, 5:00pm EST. Abstracts and proposals will be reviewed after submission and presenters who are invited to present will be contacted.



About the Conference:

Record-breaking wildfire seasons in recent years and the escalating spread of invasive species due to climate change, have demonstrated that fire management must be integrated with invasive alien species management. The Wildfires, Climate Change and Invasive Species Virtual Conference, hosted by the Canadian Council on Invasive Species, will bring together researchers, Indigenous peoples, policymakers, and practitioners from across Canada and the United States.

This event will start important conversations and form meaningful connections across sectors and boundaries, to address this emerging challenge. The theme of this conference is “Fires, Forests, and the Future: Identifying actions to mitigate the triple-threat of wildfires, climate change and invasive species”.

Presentation Types:

  • Panel Discussion
  • Lightning talks (slideshow presentation, 5-10 minutes)
  • Presentation (slideshow presentation, 20 minutes, 5 minutes for questions afterwards)
  • Keynote Speaker (slideshow presentation)
  • We are open to any other suggested presentation types!

How to Submit:


During the submission process we ask for:

  • Your name and affiliation
  • Email address
  • Presentation Title
  • Presentation Abstract (no more than 350 words)
  • Preferred presentation type (if any)

Important Dates:

  • Submission Deadline: Aug. 1
  • Notification of Acceptance: Aug. 26
  • Finalized Agenda: Sept. 30
  • Conference Date: Nov. 19, 2024

Join us in exploring the complex interplay between wildfires, climate change, and invasive species, and in shaping solutions for a resilient future!


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