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February 12-14, 2019, Ottawa Ontario

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Clean Drain Dry

Clean Drain Dry BC Pilot

The Canadian Council on Invasive Species is pleased to work in partnership with Fisheries and Oceans Canada in launching the Clean Drain Dry program in BC, as the foundation for a national program. The project aims to encourage boaters, aquatic recreationists, and fishers, who play a critical role in protecting local watersheds from invasive species, to clean, drain, and dry all boats, equipment, and gear. 

The three-year pilot project will focus on three main outreach and education components. An online hub for Clean Drain Dry information and resources will be established; Clean Drain Dry signage will be created, to be installed by participating partners across BC; and a social and digital media campaign will be developed, including videos and Public Service Announcements.

As part of the pilot in the spring of 2019, Clean Drain Dry signage and new educational resources will be rolled out at priority waterbodies across BC.

For more information on the Clean Drain Dry BC Pilot click here

How to Clean Drain Dry

Practice Clean Drain Dry to protect our lakes and rivers from the spread of aquatic invasive species.

CLEAN plants, animals and mud from your boat and gear. 

  • Ensure that anything you remove is disposed of onto land
  • Do a visual inspection of the watercraft and gear to make sure everything is removed

DRAIN all water from your boat and gear onto land

  • This includes all internal compartments, ballast tanks, live wells, bilges, bait buckets, motors etc.
  • Pull all plugs—it is illegal to transport plugged watercraft in some provinces and US states

DRY all parts of your boat and gear completely

  • Make sure no water is left standing
  • Use a sponge or towel for hard to dry areas

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