Rebecca Lord - Executive Director, CCISAs we approach the festive season, I want to extend my warmest wishes to each of you.
I’m delighted to share the success of our recent Pathways to Change Horticulture & Invasive Species National Conference held on the 8th and 9th of November. It was an enlightening event, uniting passionate professionals and enthusiasts across various disciplines in horticulture to address the critical issue of invasive species. The seminars, discussions, and exchanges were invaluable, fostering growth and innovation in invasive species management and horticulture alike.


Pathways to Change Conference Synopsis

Until June 2024, CCIS has a team of subject matter experts advising and revising systems in these areas: Governance, Marketing, Finance and Project Management, with a Strategic Planning advisor still to come. The team has undertaken status reviews within their respective areas and has begun stakeholder consultations to help determine their priority areas. In the new year, the team will implement the changes best suited to CCIS, including upgraded and more user-friendly financial systems, a suite of Governance policies and other resources, an organizational re-brand and marketing plan along with the associated tools, and a new strategic plan. In summary, the completion of this project will see CCIS continue to mature into a professional national organization.


As the CCIS, we persist in our commitment to excellence and progress in raising awareness about invasive species.

Please consider donating to CCIS this holiday season or encouraging others to do so. Your support enables us to expand our initiatives and further our mission of promoting education, awareness and innovation in invasive species management across various environments. For those interested in contributing or giving the gift of support, please follow this link to donate on behalf of a loved one.

As we conclude this year, let’s carry forward the spirit of collaboration and learning into the upcoming year. Together, we’ll continue cultivating knowledge and expertise in invasive species management, safeguarding our ecosystems for future generations.
Happy Holidays to our vibrant and dedicated community, and our best wishes for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2024!
Rebecca Lord
Executive Director
Canadian Council on Invasive Species
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