Here are the latest updates from the Canadian Council on Invasive Species (CCIS) Chapters, showcasing the ongoing efforts and achievements in combating invasive species across Canada.

From past events and notable wins to upcoming initiatives and resources, explore the strides made by the Invasive Species Council of BC, Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council, New Brunswick Invasive Species Council, Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council, PEI Invasive Species Council, Ontario Invasive Plant Council, and the Yukon Invasive Species Council. Stay informed about upcoming events, newly developed resources, and impactful projects aimed at protecting biodiversity and ecosystems from invasive species threats nationwide.

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Invasive Species Council of BC 

Past events & Notable Wins! 

  • Rooting for Change Youth Summit: The Invasive Species Youth Program co-hosted its first National Youth Summit in Ottawa with the Canadian Council on Invasive Species February 2nd-4th, connecting youth volunteers from across Canada in workshops, guest speaker presentations, a Canadian Museum of Nature tour, and a showcase of volunteer projects.  
  • INVASIVES 2024 Forum: More than 200 people came together for the 19th annual Forum hosted by the Invasive Species Council of BC, in February 2024, in New Westminster.  This annual meeting brings invasive species practitioners together with researchers, community leaders, Indigenous voices, ranchers, foresters and the broader public, who all understand the connection and impact of invasive species on their world. 
  • ISCBC’s Healthy Habitat Community Service Grant Program has now distributed 45 grants totaling $93,294.92 to youth across Canada providing them with the resources and support they need to bring their community service project ideas to life. By the end of March we expect to disperse 60 grants totalling more than $153,000! 

New resources: 

Upcoming events: 

  • Virtual Pesticide Applicator Certification Training: April 16-18 online PAC course 
  • Webinar: Invasive Species Education and Action, April 23rd 2024 – 4:00 PM Pacific / 7:00 PM Eastern (60 Minutes) hosted by the Outdoor Learning Store: Join Invasive Species Education Facilitators to gain a better understanding of invasive species, their impacts, and how students of all ages can make a difference.


Saskatchewan Invasive Species Council 

We have made a lot of progress with aquatic invasive species recently thanks to funding from Fisheries and Oceans Canada and the Saskatchewan Ministry of Environment, and have developed new Don’t Let it Loose resources consistent with national branding.  We have also developed Clean, Drain, Dry materials in order to address another pathway of aquatic invasive species.  Our focus on Flowering Rush (Butomus umbellatus) continues; we have successfully eradicated one population, leaving three known sites in Saskatchewan.  Of those sites, we’re managing a cross-border population with Alberta, we’ve collaborated with the mining industry on eradicating another population, and we will be mapping and controlling a new population that was just discovered at the end of 2023. 

Last year, we set a personal best by surveying over 100 km of shoreline for aquatic invasive species and we intend to break that record this year.  Some of the outreach associated with our aquatic invasive species work has included signage at ferry crossings, posters, floating keychains, stickers for aquariums, banners, targeted communications to stakeholders and landowners, and social media and traditional media releases.  We have already begun to plan our 2024 field season, and have continued financial support to realize our objectives.  Reed Lewko continues her role as the Saskatchewan coordinator of the Youth Nature Keepers program, and our partner organizations are busy hiring summer students to help with the increased workload. 


New Brunswick Invasive Species Council  

New resources: 

  • We are currently developing a new Buy Local Burn Local poster in French and English 
  • “About NBISC” brochure 
  • A business card with a QR code that links directly to our website 
  • Don’t Let It Loose Easter-related poster and social media campaign 

Updates on Projects: 

  • We are finalizing a Zebra Mussel and Clean Drain Dry communication plan with partners in northern New Brunswick and Quebec, which will be rolled out this spring. 
  • We will be re-releasing our Zebra Mussel and Clean Drain Dry video campaign in March, which will run on Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube this spring and summer 

Upcoming Events: 

  • On March 22nd to 24th, we will be attending the Moncton Boat and Sportsmen Show to promote all of our behavioural change programs 
  • On March 26th and 27th, we will be co-facilitating an Emerald Ash Borer workshop with the Canadian Food Inspection Agency 
  • We will be presenting at the QuadNB Annual General Meeting on April 27th to promote the Play Clean Go program 


  • We are hosting an invasive species fee-for-service training to the Department of Transportation and Infrastructure 
  • We are beginning to engage nurseries and businesses within the horticultural industry on our Plant Wise program 
  • We are working on expanding our Don’t Let It Loose program and initiating new partnerships 


Nova Scotia Invasive Species Council

  • NSISC is holding its annual forum on March 20, virtual and in-person
  • Preparing for the installation of a watercraft decontamination station at the border with New Brunswick
  • Responding to many requests from garden clubs to discuss safe alternatives to invasive plants – GMI
  • Seeing large demand for the Grow Me Instead Guide
  • Attended Halifax boat show and distributed a lot of information


PEI Invasive Species Council 

New updates for our hemlock woolly adelgid EDRR framework: 

  • New invasive species profile page for hemlock woolly adelgid on 
  • Newly produced survey and monitoring protocol for hemlock woolly adelgid on PEI. 
  • Distribution map of Eastern hemlock presence compiled. 
  • Several upcoming presentations will highlight hemlock woolly adelgid for the public and professionals. 
  • Rekindling PEI’s Don’t Move Firewood committee to encourage a revisitation of regulatory controls relating to the movement of wood products in and out of the province. 
  • Social media campaign to highlight key aspects of hemlock woolly adelgid messaging, as well as a press release. 

Creation of other useful resources, including: 

  • HWA survey datasheet 
  • Month-by-month monitoring calendar 
  • Simplified woodlot owner’s protocol 
  • Emergency response plan for HWA establishment 
  • Improving the monitoring capacity for HWA on PEI through the implementation of new monitoring tools like eDNA sampling 

PEI Upcoming events: 


Ontario Invasive Plant Council 

Past events:  

  • 2024 Ontario Invasive Plant Council Conference (January 18th, 2024) and 2024 Ontario Phragmites Working Group Meeting (January 25th) saw over 100 attendees.   
  • Developing a Coordinated Response to Phragmites Management two-day training (March 6th and March 7th) offered in collaboration with the Green Shovels Collaborative which saw over 80 attendees. It can be viewed on the OIPC YouTube Channel

New resources: 

Three NEW​ Best Management Practices Guides In development to be released in the next few months:  

  • Common Burdock and Manitoba Maple (Funded by the City of Toronto)  
  • Japanese Barberry (Funded by Candian Wildlife Service- Ontario and Environment and Climate Change Canada). 

Upcoming events:  

  • Phraggers Phorums – These casual virtual meetings will allow you to engage with and learn from fellow scientists, managers, and enthusiasts throughout the year on topics surrounding the management of Invasive Phragmites in Ontario. The first Phorum will take place on April 29th, 2024 12pm – 1pm. Register for free here»
  • 2024 OIPC Webinar Series – TBD – Follow us on social media and subscribe to our email list for details as they become available.  




Yukon Invasive Species Council 

  • We recently welcomed our new Executive Director, Meesha Wittkopf who will be taking over the day to day operations at YISC 
  • During invasive species awareness week we released a new educational platforming game aimed at invasive species in our territory called “Plant Native! the game”. with successful events both in person with the Youth of Tomorrow Society and an online streaming event that will be available on our youtube channel shortly. 
  • We have continued to engage with folks on social media with the strategy of creating wonder in our natural world and how invasive species can impact that.  
  • This summer we will be organizing community weedpulls throughout the territory.  
  • We are in the process of updating our website to be entirely bilingual in both French and english.  
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