Introducing Youth Nature Keepers: Our Thriving Initiative Empowering Canadian Youth to Combat Invasive Species
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Youth Nature Keepers (YNK) was formed in partnership between CCIS and the Canada Service Corps. As of November 2023, the Youth Nature Keepers program boasts over 125 youth volunteers, connected through 7 regional coordinators in PEI, Nova Scotia, Ontario, Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Alberta. The bulk of our program is administered through our own private Discord server, enabling instant collaboration for youth from coast to coast.

Our volunteers are in the early planning stages of projects that will collectively combat the challenges posed by invasive species in Canada’s ecosystems. By addressing the unique concerns in their communities, our Youth Nature Keepers are contributing to a nationwide youth volunteer movement. Enrolled youth in YNK have access to various project formats and are guided by a team of experienced coordinators who help them achieve their goals and oversee their volunteer hours.

Youth Nature Keepers Buckthorn RemovalStay tuned for updates on our young volunteers’ projects; we are excited to share their accomplishments with the CCIS community. You can anticipate initiatives such as invasive species removal efforts, habitat restoration projects, informative videos on invasive species, and creative artwork. Our primary objective is to empower Canadian youth to actively combat invasive species in their communities and shape the future of our ecosystems.

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This project has been made possible in part by the Government of Canada. Ce projet a été rendu possible en partie grâce au gouvernement du Canada.

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